Spring Sensations

By March 28, 2016Blog

What a difference when spring is in the air. Not only can you feel it but you can see it in people’s faces and in their attitudes. During the days ahead take note of how many times you smile and how many people return your smile as you walk down the street.

Spring gives us a feeling of hope and encompasses the spirit of rebirth, rejuvenation, and love. When I taught Elementary School Music everyone knew when spring had arrived as it was certainly displayed in our grade six boys and girls–ah young love.

But spring sensations are not only for the young. They can also be for the young at heart.

Spring gives us a sense of optimism. It possesses an overwhelming awareness that there is more to life than the cold, harsh winter of the past. Spring bestows upon us the realization that something’s coming and there may be better days ahead.


Ah Frank. What a crooner.

Something’s Coming


The video isn’t great but the singing is.

How could I post about spring and not include Vivaldi.

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