Happiness Is… Singing in a Choir

By August 10, 2015Blog

I have always been a singer: solo and choral. There is something especially magical about singing in a choir. I found this quote online, “Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song.” To me, being part of a choir is like being part of a family. I’ve always felt this way as a performer and have strived to create that with my own choirs.

During my professional music career I have had the distinct joy of conducting numerous choirs. These have included conducting a mass choir of adults and school children for the opening ceremonies of the World Softball Championships, church junior choir, and school choirs (primary, boys, and girls). During these years my choirs have received numerous Gold Standings at local music festivals, performed at Stars of the Festival concerts where they have received various awards including the R. Schurman Memorial Award for most outstanding performance at the East Prince Music Festival, competed in the PEI Kiwansis Provincial Music Festival competitions where several times they have been the recipient of the Mrs. Helen Lawson Memorial Award for Best Elementary Choir. This past May my Elm Street Girls Choir was recommended to compete by recording in the National Canadian Music Festival— a great honour.

Who knows where my choral path is headed, but I’m sure the journey will be incredible!

Please see below for some clips of my Elm Street Girls Choir mentioned above.


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